DJ Capo and J. Jewels have joined forces

DJ Capo

DJ Capo is originally from BOSTON, Mass and has been DJ-ing and keeping the crowd MOVING for over 10 years. He DJ’s for live radio, Nightclubs, Private events and more.

His music style ranges from Top 40, House, Hip-Hop & everything in between, which makes him one of the most diverse DJ’s in the industry. DJ Capo’s ability to read and adapt to any crowd allows him to play a wide variety of music genres in his live sets, resulting in a packed dance floor all night long, and he will leave everyone wanting more.

DJ Capo has always had a passion for music starting at a young age and that is when he knew becoming a DJ was his ultimate dream. He says, “I love the fact I am controlling every beat that the crowd dances to, and I feed off of their energy,” and now with making his dream a reality his goal is to showcase his talent and love for music all across the country & even the world.