victor twincThe purpose of the JEI Music Group Ambassadors FAMILY, is to bring together a group of people, who are passionate about music, entertainment and night life, who will help become us one big happy promotional team and family.

Our ultimate goals are to STICK TOGETHER, and SPREAD THE WORD. Basically make others aware of the HOTTEST bands/artist, DJ’s, Events, concerts, night clubs, album releases, products, brands and much more.

JEI Network is always looking for determined, honest, cool, energetic, and aggressive people to join our team.

Looking for an exciting opportunity to work with a fast-growing Label brand?
Then you’ve come to the right place!

We’re searching for top-notch JEI Music Group Ambassadors throughout The US and the world to spread #JEIMUSICLOVE and invite more new fans, listeners and music lovers. Here’s a great opportunity to get involved with us and learn a bit about how the music business works and how we roll. If you are responsible, genuine, love entertainment, and night life then we want you to join our growing JEI Music Group FAMILY!!

Being a part of our JEI Music Group Ambassadors family means you will be responsible for handing out flyers, forwarding e-mails to your friends and other members on line, share JEI info trough social (FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM etc.).

Think you’ve got the right stuff?
Check out the description below or simply

Flyer Promotions Street teamDo you spend time on line?
Do you Like Music?
Do you Love to go out?
Do you Know a lot of people?
Do you like concerts?
Do people ask you what’s popping this weekend?
Do you know everyone at your school?
Do you like to have fun?
Do you like hanging out with your friends?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then we would like to offer you the opportunity to JOIN OUR TEAM today it’s ABSOLUTELY FREE!!!

We’re looking for cool, smart, all-stars to help spread JEI MUSIC love for years to come!
You need to be excited to talk to anyone about JEI MUSIC, be comfortable in an ‘all hands on deck’ environment, flexible to help out with some awesome events and you have to thrive in a startup culture. As an JEI MUSIC Ambassador, you will embody JEI MUSIC GROUP’s identity.

The key element of JEI ambassadors lies in your ability to use promotional strategies that will strengthen our brand relationship and influence a large audience to visit our JEI MUSIC GROUP site, buy Music, watch music videos and so on.

What are JEI Music Group Ambassadors?

New HampshireJEI Music Group Ambassadors are out loyal supporters and the people who help make JEI Known around the world, without you there is no us. This part of our label consists of motivated young men and women who go out on the streets, on line, (or anywhere) to promote JEI Music Group artists/bands, products, events, concerts, shows, music videos, new mixes. Using flyers, word of mouth, Social media and other promotional materials.

Why would I want to be on the JEI Music Group Ambassador FAMILY?

You get to help spread the word about some of your favorite JEI Music artists, music, events, concerts, and more! it’s fun! You get the latest and most up to date information, cool members only stuff and benefits (i.e.: members only V.I.P. access to shows, websites, parties, etc.), you’ll get to meet your favorite artists, be in their music videos, receive backstage passes, meet and mingle with nice people in your area. You will also be eligible for contests, win cool prizes such as autographed merch, concert tickets and more! You will know the latest news before the general public.

What does a JEI Music Group Ambassador FAMILY member do?

JEI Music Group provides you (family members) the materials you need and then you either online and spread word via social media, or go out and talk to people about the artists, products, event, concert, night club, give out flyers, and collect e-mail addresses. You can put up flyers around town, in stores or other public places (except on public property without permission! That’s illegal!). We always provide you with a division REP to help you get the task done.

bobby-v-promo-inside-expressionsWhat does it take to be a JEI Music Group Ambassador FAMILY Member?

You have to be at least 13 years of age, can’t be shy and have to know you’re stuff. We can’t have JEI Music Group Ambassadors who will get lazy and not do the task. This is something you need to really be into. We are looking for people who are in it for the fun of spreading the word and who have a love for good music, Entertainment and night life.

Responsibilities: Share JEI MUSIC GROUP site info, from music, Videos, News, products and more. On certain occasions, hit the streets everywhere and attend events at bars, restaurants, nightclubs, pool parties, concerts, and festivals — and pass out promotional flyers, hand out news release and JEI MUSIC GROUP products and get every person at these events to SUBSCRIBE to our newsletters and our youtube channel!

Help make JEI MUSIC GROUP a top-of-mind brand and the Record Label option of choice by encouraging ongoing and consistent awareness of JEI MUSIC GROUP.

Ideal Candidate: Loves JEI MUSIC GROUP and be all about JEI Music, Artists, Videos, concerts, events and products. A real hustler who gets down and dirty, on social media from twitter, facebook, instagram, snapchat and so on. Outgoing, team-oriented, and energetic and has a good understanding of their local area. Not afraid to jump into projects, reach out to contacts, and move quickly to grow the JEI MUSIC GROUP brand. Has marketing, promotions, or events experience (not required).

What we offer: Tons of JEI MUSIC GROUP credits to that can be used to download all your favorite JEI MUSIC Songs, Albums, Get T-Shirts, Posters, Tickets to events, Backstage passes to concerts, be featured in our music videos and much more.

Models and fansBeing part of the global JEI MUSIC GROUP brand and it’s whole network.
Working closely with the JEI MUSIC GROUP team, which offers great opportunities for everyone who love our music and label.

If you are ready to start enjoying such things as:

Free VIP passes to events, concerts, night clubs.
The opportunity to meet all your favorite artists in the industry.
Free downloads, cd’s before they hit stores. ,
Free products
, such as HAT’S, T-SHIRTS, Magazines.
The opportunity to win special MEMBERS ONLY contests,
GETTING PAID TO GO OUT, spread the love and PARTY with YOUR FRIENDS.

Think you’ve got what it takes?
Apply NOW.