Itty Bitty Bum Bum (Lyric Video)

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ATTENTION LADIES: #ittybittybumbum is the First Single off the new J. Jewels Album. The song is all about building ladies confidence, giving them the motivation to work towards getting the body they’ve always dreamed of!

Hard Work, Motivation and dedication will always pay off! Pick your BumOff team right now people. Team #ittyBittyBopBop vs. AppleBottomBopBop what is your preference? The battle is heading your way people so get down with it today.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: We will be casting MODELS (Yoga, Volley Ball players, Dancers, fitness models and more) with amazing bodies and curves to be featured and cast in the #IttyBittyBumBum OFFICIAL music video. They will be featured roles and any ladies with dancing experience of any kind is a plus. Unlike this LYRIC VIDEO here, the OFFICIAL MUSIC video will have featured roles and scenes with leading ladies and also feature all styles of dancing with minimal Twerk style dancing. It will also feature ladies working out, playing sports such as volleyball and so on.

For more information please feel free to contact us HERE or visit CONTEST!

Do white girls twerk better???
Comment your preference below.


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